This page is a gateway to information about your aid options as a graduate student at Stetson. 这是非常重要的,你完成 FAFSA 尽快, 而且 that you continue to complete it for each year that you are enrolled for graduate studies.



New students should complete the FAFSA following the steps below to request financial aid:

  1. 登记参加 FSA ID. 您的FSA ID将用于电子签署FAFSA. 
  2. 完成 联邦学生资助免费申请(FAFSA) 入学学年. 包括斯泰森大学的联邦学校法规, 001531,当完成FAFSA. 使用您的FSA ID电子签署您的FAFSA.
  3. 十大电子游艺平台首选 我的澳门十大电子游戏网站地址 查看你的助学金的情况, review outst而且ing/satisfied requirements 而且 accept or decline your aid. 请注意: Graduate PLUS loans are now being offered as a part of your financial aid package. If you accept the Graduate PLUS loan, we will initiate the credit check portion of the loan process. 
    • 接受或拒绝你的援助,请遵循以下步骤:
      1. 登录 我的澳门十大电子游戏网站地址.
      2. 点击“一站式”标签.
      3. 通过“我的财务计划”框查看你的财务援助.
      4. 点击“接受奖励”,按照步骤来审查你的资助.
    • 要查看经济援助要求,请遵循以下步骤:
      1. 登录 我的澳门十大电子游戏网站地址.
      2. 点击“一站式”标签.
      3. 在“一站式检查表”中检查缺失的需求.
  4. 完成 入学咨询 而且 主本票 (MPN),您将需要您的FSA ID(用于您的FAFSA)来登录.

如果你对联邦学生援助有疑问, please contact the university's Office of Financial Aid at 386-822-7100, 选项#2或 (电子邮件保护).



  1. Check with your employer to explore the availability 而且 use of tuition assistance benefits. 许多组织会提供一定程度的经济支持.
  2. 你可能有资格通过FAFSA获得联邦斯塔福德贷款(上图).
  3. 探索通过外部金融机构提供的学生贷款.

符合条件的申请人可获得有限的奖学金. 请与财务规划办公室联系 (电子邮件保护) 或386-822-7100,选择#2了解更多详细信息.


逊大学, 文理十大电子游艺平台首选, offers a 40% tuition scholarship for graduate-level 而且 post-bacc students enrolled in the Counselor Education 而且 Education programs (不包括高等教育及行政硕士). Scholarship applications must be received by 开学第一天 the semester, 而且 a new application is required 每一项 to determine continued eligibility. 需提供就业证明.

  • 在职奖学金表格 必须填写 之前 开学第一天 每一项.
    • 需要斯泰森登录凭证
  • 在非盈利机构或私立学校全职任教, 学术的教练, 学校辅导员, 专业人员的助手, 迪安, 或在学校或地区内担任领导职务;
  • Employed full-time at a non-profit counseling center or rehab facility as an intake specialist, 行为技术人员, or a position with direct patient contact 而且 mentorship responsibilities;
  • 根据合同被聘为全职神职人员.


斯泰森大学研究生教育项目重视公平, 多样性, 包容, 以及牢固的校企合作关系. Although students of color represent more than 50 percent of the entire K-12 student population, educators (school administrators 而且 teachers) continue to be significantly underrepresented in the U.S. education system, 而且 disparities are particularly visible in the state of Florida. With increasing 多样性 in today’s schools 而且 the critical need for diverse representation in education, Stetson’s Graduate Education programs seek to address this imbalance 而且 help advance equity.    

研究 demonstrates that all students benefit from having highly-qualified, diverse educators. 的 Teacher-Scholar Grant provides financial assistance to diverse educators in our Educational Leadership, 修改后的领导, 特殊学生教育, 教育专家研究生课程. This grant aims to strengthen graduate pathways by creating more opportunities for certification, 完成研究生学位, 专业技能发展, 而且 knowledge enrichment through 逊大学’s graduate education programs.   

Each award covers tuition for one three-credit-hour course for post-baccalaureate credit. A certificate will be sent to each award recipient 而且 may be presented as tuition payment for the course; a total of eight grants are offered each academic year. Applicants must be entering their first term within one of the above-mentioned graduate education programs to be eligible. 此外,他们应该是一个在职的教育工作者. 接受学校和/或自我提名. 

的 斯泰森研究生多元化和包容性教师-十大电子游艺平台首选奖 is not transferable 而且 must be used within the academic year it is awarded. 澳门十大电子游戏网站地址申请过程的问题, please contact the 文理十大电子游艺平台首选 Office of Graduate Studies at 386-822-7073 or email (电子邮件保护).


Teacher Education Assistance for College or Higher Education Grant (TEACH)

的 Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College 而且 Higher Education Grant provides up to $4,000 per year to students who plan to complete a degree program in pursuit of becoming a teacher. Conditions for receiving the grant include: teaching in a high-need field; at an elementary, secondary or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families; students must teach for at least four complete academic years within eight years of completing or ceasing enrollment in their degree program.


  1. 完成一个 FAFSA
  2. 完成Stetson TEACH赠款 应用程序
  3. 完成 服务协议
  4. 完成教学 格兰特咨询

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下 教师贷款减免计划, if you teach full-time for five complete 而且 consecutive academic years in a low-income school or educational service agency, 并满足其他条件, 你可能有资格获得最高17美元的赦免,500美元 直接补贴贷款和无补贴贷款 以及补贴和无补贴联邦斯塔福德贷款.

If you have a Direct Consolidation Loan or a Federal Consolidation Loan, you may be eligible for forgiveness of the outst而且ing portion of the consolidation loan that repaid an eligible Direct Subsidized Loan, 直接无补贴贷款, Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan or Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan.

截止日期及资格: 看到 网站

值: 最高可达17500美元